Lunar Eclipse | 200mm / 24mm

Click images to view in Higher-Resolution Stellar session with El and Di outside the complex. Though patches of light pollution found its way to the frame, still managed to hold steady on a stable staircase with minimal movement. So how many years ’til the next one? 20xx? We should be in outer space by then. …Read More

iPhone Photo Shoot

Fstopper’s Lee Morris recently conducted a fashion shoot using an iPhone 3GS.  Though the results of the shoot were stunning, I am not completely convinced that the quality would be as exceptional without the aid of great lighting.  Photography is in fact the art of capturing light.  Surely, stabilization and decent camera are key, however they …Read More

Shooting in Rain

Through the weather Sized for a pro size DSLR with a hot-shoe mounted flash and up to a 70-200 f2.8 lens attached.  The Hydrophobia® Flash 70-200 features a clear flash tower, which can be collapsed when a flash is not attached to the DSLR.  It protects valuable photo equipment from the elements during active use. …Read More