The art of listening.

Our aim is to develop aesthetics. By organizing creative resources through various mediums of sight and sound we work to enhance and expand the arts, bridging the gap between the senses.

Built on communication we observe the tangible signs of life.

Mediator. That is the task of the artist. Absorbing the life of the world around- and translated by the spirit within; written on tablets & canvas, echoed throughout the aura. Everyday we learn a little more. Today we can “paint” drums and change the temperature of our captures. We can tune every resonance to a master key and transpose the subtle flickering lights. We can unlock the detail hidden in the shadows and re-map the cadence cloaked within the tempo. Samples can be anagrammatic, simply framed by time. Whatever it is, there is another way to say it, with a new color and palette. Shifting, shaping, searching for the expression agreeable with our consciousness; commanded by our life force. Woven together are these delicate threads that make up the fabric of our existence; everything is meaningful, everything connected.

Design Communication

Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy
University of California, Santa Cruz

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